North Korea Banned This Photographer For Life After He Shared These Illegal Photos

North Korea Banned This Photographer For Life After He Shared These Illegal Photos  image

North Korea Banned This Photographer For Life After He Shared These Illegal Photos

Eric Lafforgue is a French photographer who defies government photo bans in order to capture real-life moments.

In North Korea, this kind of daring attitude is extremely dangerous and not at all welcome.

Clearly, the government's wishes don't mean a thing to badass adventurers like Lafforgue. He's been flying back and forth from North Korea for years with a total of six trips under his belt.

Lafforgue brought his camera on each trip and found that it provided a convenient icebreaker during interactions with locals. In addition to the convenient social aspect of having a camera, keeping it on hand also meant that Lafforgue could sneak "illegal" shots from time-to-time.

Unfortunately, taking and publishing the material landed this French artist on the "no-fly" list. Lafforgue took his last trip to North Korea in 2012 and, unless the government believes in forgiveness, he may never be able to go back.

That being said, enjoy the collection of photos he was able to take before the ban. Each shot is also paired with the reason why its considered to be illegal. Pretty interesting, right?

A Woman Standing In The Middle Of A Crowd Of Soldiers. This Picture Is Not Supposed To Be Taken As Officials Do Not Allow Army Pictures

When You Visit Families, The Guides Love It If You Take Pics To Show The World That Kids Have Computers. But When They See There Is No Electricity, Then They Ask You To Delete!

As Cars Have Become More Widespread In Pyongyang, The Peasants Are Still Getting Accustomed To Seeing Them. Kids Play In The Middle Of The Main Avenues Just Like Before When There Were No Cars In Sight

It Is Forbidden To Take Pictures Of Soldiers Relaxing

When Visiting The Delphinium In Pyongyang, You Can Photograph The Animals, But Not The Soldiers Who Make Up 99% Of The Crowd

In A Christian Church, This Official Was Dozing Off On A Bench. You Must Never Show The Officials In A Bad Light

Pyongyang’s Subway System Is The Deepest In The World As It Doubles As A Bomb Shelter. Someone Saw Me Taking This Picture And Told Me To Delete It Since It Included The Tunnel

A Visit To A Rural Home. Those Houses And The Families Who Live There Are Carefully Selected By The Government. But Sometimes, A Detail Like A Bathroom Used As A Cistern Shows That Times Are Hard…

This Kind Of Picture Is Widespread In The West. The Caption Often Explains That North Koreans Eat Grass From The Park. The Guides Get Furious If You Take It

Queueing Is A National Sport For North Koreans

In The Art Center Of Pyongyang, We Experienced A Power Outage, A Daily Event The North Koreans Hate To Show. When It Happens, They Tell You It’s Because Of The American Embargo

This Soldier Was Sleeping In A Field

Soldiers Often Help On Local Farms

Public Transportation Connecting The Main Towns Is Nearly Nonexistent. Citizens Need Permits To Go From One Place To Another. On The Highways, You Can Spot Soldiers Hitchhiking

Paranoia Is Too Strong In North Korean Minds. I Took This Picture At A Fun Fair Of A Tired Mother And Child Resting On A Bench. I Was Asked To Delete The Picture Since The Guides Were Certain I Would Have Said Those People Were Homeless

On A Little Lake On The Way To Wonsan, This Fisherman Uses A Tire As A Boat

The Pionners Camp Of Wonsan Is Often Visited By Tourists To Show The Youth From All Over The Country Having Fun. But Some Children Come From The Countryside And Are Afraid To Use The Escalators Which They’ve Never Seen Before

This Man Was Taking A Rest On The Rocks By The Sea In Chilbo. My Guide Asked Me To Delete This For Fear That Western Media Could Say That This Man Was Dead. He Was Alive

Something You Can See Often In North Korea, But Still Forbidden To Photograph

A Rare Example Of An Undisciplined Kid In North Korea. The Bus Was Driving In The Small Roads Of Samijyon In The North, When This Kid Stood In The Middle Of The Road

Pyongyang Is Supposed To Be The Showcase Of North Korea, So Building Exteriors Are Carefully Maintained. When You Get A Rare Chance To Look Inside, The Bleak Truth Becomes Apparent

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