People Recreate Their Grandparents Photos And It's Amazing

People Recreate Their Grandparents Photos And It's Amazing image

People Recreate Their Grandparents Photos And It's Amazing

This series has people recreating photos their grandparents took decades before and the results are extremely satisfying. We love a good before-and-after.

What are the rules of the exercise? It's pretty simple. Just choose a photo of one or both grandparents, find a similar outfit to what they wore, and recreate the shot.

Some people seriously look just like their ancestors! And with the right outfit and pose, the likeness is downright uncanny. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

My Boyfriend And I Attempted To Recreate My Favorite Picture Of My Grandparents, This Was The Result

3 Generations Of Firefighters: From Left – Grandfather Colin Gunn In 1966, Father Nick Gunn In 1988 And Son Owen Gunn In 2015

Grandmother And Granddaughter

Recreated My Great-Grandmother’s 1918 Portrait

Apparently I Bear Some Resemblance To My Great Great Grandfather

Standing Next To My Grandfather On The Streets Of Pleurtuit, France In 1944 And 2013

1st Gen (1989): Me, My Dad, And My Grandpa Playing Zelda On Nintendo. 2nd Gen (2016): My Son, Me, And My Dad Playing Zelda On Wii U

I Turn Twenty In 30 Minutes. For The Last Hour Of My Teens I Wanted To Reproduce My Favourite Picture Of My Grandfather When He Was My Age Studying At Hitotsubashi University

My Grandmother Mary Alice Mcafee, Age 16 (1944) On The Left And Me (2015) On The Right

Friend Recreated Her Grandmother’s Picture – 69 Years Later

My Grandfather And I, 1965 And 2016

My Grandpa, My Dad, And Myself. Making Three Generations Of Wives Worried Sick

I’ve Recreated The Old Photos Of My Ancestors Going Back 200 Years

Grandpa At East Base Antarctica 1940 On Left. Me Last Week On Right

Recreated My Grandparents’ Wedding Photo From 1954 At Our Own Wedding On Friday

Via HankerMag

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