Strangers Are Invited To Rip These Clever Murals To Shreds

Strangers Are Invited To Rip These Clever Murals To Shreds image

Strangers Are Invited To Rip These Clever Murals To Shreds

These "Before and After" murals by NemO's transform over time to reveal their hidden messages.

Constructed of paper and acrylic paint, these interactive, site-specific pieces ask for the involvement of the audience. Whether placed in a gallery or on the street, each one invites passerby's to tear away at the outer paper layer.

Picking at the outer layer reveals NemO's secret image, typically executed with acrylic paint. These pieces are like giant scratch and sniff ads, only instead of revealing a new scent, scratching these murals typically reveals a biting truth of humanity.

According to NemO's, the design of these murals places emphases on the interaction of the audience and the friction of time.

"This way, as time goes by and a random audience passes by, in some way interacting, the piece of art is completed," NemO's says of the series, "one that had only just began with the hands of the artist. NemO’S fresh new idea lays in the use of this technique that, like a drawer of secrets, needs intuition, collaboration, consideration and that satisfies the sixth sense: curiosity”

Like what you see? Find more of NemO's cuttingly observant work previously featured here. Or, checkout his website here.

Via Who Is Nemo's

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