Trump's Most Ridiculous Quotes Hilariously Reorganized As Poetry

Trump's Most Ridiculous Quotes Hilariously Reorganized As Poetry  image

Trump's Most Ridiculous Quotes Hilariously Reorganized As Poetry

The Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump is a collection of the president's most memorable word blunders and tweets, neatly organized as poems and hiakus.

These trite rhymes are kind of dark, but hilarious, nonetheless.

Authored by Robert Sears, he refers to the project as "a new word order". This is his way of sorting through all the bizarre statements and tweets swirling around our leader.

"Does a poet’s heart beat under Donald Trump’s brash exterior?" Sears asks playfully.

The Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump: featuring such incomparable modern classics as ‘I am the least racist person there is’, ‘I have the best words’, and ‘I am rich’.

He began digging deeper, uncovering what he calls "a revelation".

"By simply taking the President Elect’s tweets and transcripts, cutting them up and reordering, them, he unearthed a trove of beautiful verse that was just waiting to be discovered," the book's website reads.

"This collection will give readers a glimpse of the Trump’s innermost thoughts and feelings, on everything from the nature of truth to what annoys him about Halle Berry - and will reveal a hitherto hidden Donald, who may surprise both students and critics alike."

Find this humorous project online here. And you can read a sample here.

Via Dangerous Minds

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