These Epic Face-Plants Will Make You Wince In Pain

These Epic Face-Plants Will Make You Wince In Pain image

These Epic Face-Plants Will Make You Wince In Pain

Italian photographer Sandro Giordano is behind the visually arresting (and painfully looking) series 'In Extremis (Bodies With No Regret)'. It seems him photographing individuals from all walks of life at the exact moment they coming crash back down to earth.

There's uncompromising face plants, twisted limbs and utter chaos everywhere - everything you'd expect from the unexpected instantaneous collapse of your world.

Despite the muted amusement you might have at seeing someone completely stack themselves, Giordano has a far deep reasoning for bringing the series to life. He's not trying to make you laugh or entertain, in fact quite the opposite - he's trying to warn you.

"My photographs are short stories about a falling-down world. Each shot tells about worn out characters who, as if a sudden black-out of mind and body took over, let themselves crash with no attempt to save themselves, unable, because of the fatigue of the everyday representation of living, oppressed by appearance instead of simply existing." describes Giordano

"They reach their limit beyond which their false self cannot go. each of them saves an object, they hold it in their hand and it symbolizes this falsification. This pretense is represented not only by the objects but also the clothes, the hairstyles and the location." he explains.

You can see the full range of this fascinating series through his Instagram channel and via his official site . In the meantime here's a small selection for you to enjoy - remember to look closely.

Via Sandro Giordano

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