Fall In Love With Japan's Favorite Hedgehog Star

Fall In Love With Japan's Favorite Hedgehog Star  image

Fall In Love With Japan's Favorite Hedgehog Star

Meet Maruto, the internet famous pigmy hedgehog from Japan. He's a super busy guy! Not only is he a father and husband, he also runs a daily "Hedgehog Calendar" series, maintains 41,800 followers on Twitter, updates his Vine account with fresh videos, and also keeps up a super cute Instagram.

Whew. Marutaro may be small, but he sure is mighty.

One of his more recent series involves wearing different masks to embody various emotions and characters. As I'm sure you've noticed by now, it's kind of hard for hedgehogs to express a variety of emotions with their faces, so it only makes sense that Marutaro would come up with this adorable series of custom masks.

Probably the cutest masks are the ones that make him look super grumpy. Marutaro sure has a lot of personality for such a little guy don't you think?

And of course, his Vines are always adorable.

Via The Hedgehog Blog

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