You'll Go Bananas For This Artist's Intricate Sculptures

You'll Go Bananas For This Artist's Intricate Sculptures  image

You'll Go Bananas For This Artist's Intricate Sculptures

I distinctly remember opening my lunch box as a child to find handwritten notes from my mom on my banana. Typically they were just simple things like "Have a nice day!" or "Love you!". Short and sweet. I doubt she spent more than 5 seconds creating her "art".

But Dan Cretu, on the other hand, seems to have taken this form of lunchbox art to a whole new level! These fruit designs represent hours of detailed work.

These pop art style bananas begin as unripe, extra firm fruit. After picking out the fruit, Cretu begins carving his detailed patterns into the peel.

After the carving process is finished, he applies bright paints to the various levels of pattern. The resulting piece is more akin to a fashion ad than something to toss in your lunchbox.

See more of Cretu's creative food art on Behance. His "Anatomy of Fruits and Vegetables" is equally fascinating.

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Via Design Faves

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