Powerful Images Of Residents Reflecting Their Community

Powerful Images Of Residents Reflecting Their Community image

Powerful Images Of Residents Reflecting Their Community

Gifted London photographer Kit Oates (whom we've previously featured here) has documented the different and changing generations that grew up on a West London housing estate that is undergoing regeneration by the government. He took portraits of the locals in the diverse community, and put them up on buildings the council plans to demolish.

London has seen a property boom in the last four years, which makes it difficult for people on low incomes to buy a property there. Old broken social housing is making way for new social housing. The residents are seeing the homes and the area they grew up in change rapidly.

Photographer Kit Oates has photographed over 40 residents of South Kilburn, London, for his new project: RE: Generations.

The photographs depict a rich and diverse community as the building on the estate change around them. Large format prints of the portraits have been installed in locations across the area.

I wanted to capture the strong sense of community in the local area, as well as the diverse range of people, there is an assumption housing estates don’t have a community, and it’s simply not the case.

Kit aimed to make locals the focus of public art in the area. Kit has previously photographed Ethnic minorities in the armed forces and Elephant owners in Thailand. He moved his studio to South Kilburn four years ago and has been photographing the people and the area ever since.

Everyone I photographed had a strong connection to the local area. Many worked in the local area in childcare, community kitchens and we’re well known faces on the estate.

Many estates in London are being rebuilt through regeneration projects. The area is undergoing a lot of change, and the images reflect this change with positivity, but perhaps with a hint of poignancy.

It’s a really diverse area, in a single day I was meeting Jamaican OAP’s , Somali teenagers and Eastern European builders. It’s one of the poorest estates in the UK, yet the people that live here are fantastic and very kind people.

For many these are homes where they brought up their family, or was their first home. New homes are being constructed that are much better than the originals, but the current state of flux has been difficult for the local community.

If you've enjoyed these portraits as much as we have, make sure you check out more of Kit's unique and original work through his official Instagram channel @kitoates or follow him on Twitter to find out about his upcoming events and exhibtions.

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