Artist Creates Stunning Effects By Folding Her Photos

Artist Creates Stunning Effects By Folding Her Photos image

Artist Creates Stunning Effects By Folding Her Photos

The world of photography and art is so digital at this point, it seems that almost all forms of it have been manipulated digitally. So when an artist like Laura Plageman comes on the scene with her distorted landscape photos, you're first response might just be "What program did she use to make those effects?".

Laura Plageman takes her viewers by surprise when she subtly manipulates and distorts her landscapes by carefully folding and crumpling them to achieve these unique effects.

Some of the changes are so subtle, you'll have to do a double take to realize that there's something weird about the shot. Some creases add depth, others twist the image, while tearing adds a new horizon line.

Each tiny change adds another layer of storytelling to Plageman's gorgeous landscapes.

"My process unfolds through observation and experimentation; I let the image and its materiality dictate its direction. Playing with paper and light in unplanned and organic ways, I look for new ways to perceive space, form, and context of my subjects," Plageman explains.

Via Beautiful Decay

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