Prodigy's Musicless 'Firestarter' Videos Is Utter Genius

Prodigy's Musicless 'Firestarter' Videos Is Utter Genius

The Prodigy's infamous 'Firestarter' video made it's debut 19 March 1996 amid a torrent of controversy.

Particularly in the UK government ministers were up in arms denouncing a video that they deemed "would inspire an army of arsonists' across the UK. The original clip sees lead singer Keith Flint, head shaved down the middle and shaped into two devil's horns declaring "I'm the trouble starter, fuckin' instigator. I'm the fear addicted, danger illustrated." whilst leaping around the darkened tunnels of an underground train tracks.

It didn't quite inspire an army of firebugs, but it sure gain the band some notoriety in the eyes of parents and teachers alike. The wave of hype and news coverage propelled the band to have unbridled success with their album 'Fat of The Land' from which the track was the first single. In actually entered the Guinness World Records as the fast-selling UK album in 1999 and went on to sell 2M copies in the US alone.

Now some 18 years later, we're back to revisit it - not as a trip down memory lane, but thanks to YouTuber Mario Wienerroither who has recently uploaded a 'musicless' version of the clip. You'll either find it downright hilarious or you'll be unable to sleep tonight without the lights.

Either way, it's an enjoyable twist on what was one of the most groundbreaking music videos of its era.

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