Woman Hears Sound For The 1st Time In Her Life, Will Reduce You To Tears

Woman Hears Sound For The 1st Time In Her Life, Will Reduce You To Tears

You might not have heard of Sarah Churman, but she is the focus of one of the most moving and heart-warming videos you're ever likely to see. Born deaf, at the age of 29 she was given a hearing implant - until then the technology was still being developed.

This video captures the moment when the device was switched on and finally a world of silence was brought to life. Finally she could hear words, ambient sounds and never have to lipread ever again - all the things we take for granted. She even went on to write a book about her experiences titled Powered On The Sound I Choose to Hear and the Noise I Don't.

It's a truly uplifting read that maps her former life, one of silence and  sign language to her new found sense of freedom and a world suddenly overflowing with sounds, character and melody.

But perhaps most moving of all, after the implant she was finally able to hear the voices of her children for the very first time. It's a genuine tearjerker of a clip, an experience that will warm even the coldest of hearts and a wonderful example of technology and science coming together, to make the impossible seem possible.

Via Sarah Churman

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